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VIP Care!
Your Concierge Physician!

Our Practice is Completely Dedicated
to be a Concierge Medical Office Only.

We have set up our staff and schedule to allow time for this program. For an annual fee of $1800, Dr. Soppe and PA Melissa Campbell, your Concierge Program team, will provide the following:

An annual very involved Wellness/Executive Physical that includes ~$400 of lab tests, EKG, review of medical issues, preventative medical care, lung function testing if appropriate, and nutritional counseling.

Travel vaccine advice by office visit or phone

Phone consultations especially if one is out of town and has an illness

Email correspondence for preferred patient convenience

Same day appointments when needed for patient convenience

Extra appointment time for explanation and education of ones illness/concerns

After hours access to Dr. Soppe for urgent issues.

Note that these are mostly first class services not usually covered by insurance and the fee simply helps us go that extra mile. Regular office visits, procedures, labs and xray will still be charged the usual fees or billed through ones insurance This program is becoming more and more common place in primary care medical offices throughout the country and is superb for traveling business people, pro athletes, those with multiple challenging medical problems and those that can afford it and simply value their health with a high priority. Feel free to call our staff or our marketing service Concierge Choice Physicians (877-888-5570) for details.

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